Surprise somebody!

One fine day I was surprised with a postcard from a US post crosser. My dear post crossing buddy Anna from Russia asked her to surprise me. I loved the idea so much and decided to do the same for other post crossers.┬áHere is how it works…

Do you have a friend or relative whom you want to surprise? Then do the following:
1. Besides selecting a card for me, pick also a card from which you think your friend would like.
(Please, not bigger than 12 x 22 cm, no folded greeting cards or square cards.)
2. Write on this second card only the address of your friend and send it to me in an envelope.
3. On the postcard for me note the postcard-ID and anything you want to write to me.
4. As soon as I get your envelope, I will register the ID and send the card to your friend with some surprise greetings from me.
5. If you don’t like the idea, send a card as usual.
6. This offer is only for those people who have drawn my address for an official ID.