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My name is Ljiljana, but hardly anybody calls me by my real name. Most people call me Lilly because it is easier and more international.

One day I read about it in a bigger German magazine and found the idea awesome. I was so tired of only getting invoices and I love to communicate with people all over the world. The same day I signed up and have been addicted ever since. I do not only postcross with the official postcard IDs. I also like to tag and to swap, although I was fooled more than once.

I am buying 97% of the postcards I send, except the ones which are explicitely meant to be ad cards or selfmade cards or if a free card matches a special request entirely. I even had some postcards printed professionally for a recipe tag. Maybe I limit the range of postcards I can receive. But since I spend quite a lot of money on my hobby, I prefer to be asked whether it is okay to get an ad card or a selfmade card if we did not agree upon that kind of postcard explicitely. Maybe you understand.

My postcrossing profile shows that I speak two languages. English and German are the ones I speak fluently and also write fluently. Furthermore I speak Croatian – I learned it by speaking the language, but I never learned to write it. Spanish and French I learned in school for 3 years resp. 4 years. It is hard to keep up with a language when you hardly use it, so please excuse if I understand what you write, but answer in English or German.

When not being at work or in the tram commuting to/from work, I love to cook. To change my nutrition and lifestyle to Veganism was one of the best decisions I made. It is still very inspirational and makes me think of many things I took for granted (value of life, sustainability, reducing waste, …).

I just re-started going to yoga class and want to get back into my old running habits (I became a little lazy after a forced time-out). Since I got a little activity tracker, I started to walk through the city in stead of using the tram for short distances. Also I rather go another loop to my destination to reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps/day. Working in an office, this is sometimes hard to achieve. Other activities would be hiking, doing via ferratas or mountain bike tours. I love to be in the mountains, but admittedly only in summer.

Books are my daily companions as well as postcards, of course. I am a sucker for cartoons! Other than that I used to love Minette Walters books. Lately I started reading all kinds of books related to mindfulness, nutrition, veganism, sustainability and things like that.

In Karlsruhe, we have two movie theatres who do not show the mainstream block buster movies. I love to visit them and get lost in the world of imagination. My all-time favorite is „Pane e tulipani“, I prefer the „Arthaus-ish“ kind of movies which have also some depth, not only entertainment value. And I could not stop crying after „The Danish Girl“, the next day I still had shivers thinking of this movie.

Music is important. An ancient German song says: „Settle down where people sing, evil people have no songs“. The music I am listening to depends on my mood. I listen pretty much to web radio only. My favorite stations are „Martini in the Morning“, „Zeilsteen“ and „Punkrockers Radio“.

Thank you for visiting my blog &  Happy Postcrossing!




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  1. Damian Kania 18. November 2016

    Hello Ljiljana

    „Swap by the above rules. I hope you understand.“
    Yes!!! Ok!!!

    I will send you the first 10 – 11 postcards in only one envelope.
    You send only after the arrival of my postcards to you.
    If so you like it please select 11 postcards from my albums.
    Give me the links to my postcards which you would like to receive .

    There are my album with postcards for exchange: (link removed by admin)

    There is also an album of postcards used, from circulation, however they are more or less destroyed, some of them in a good, others in a bad condition. (link removed by admin)

    Please write to e-mail: (e-mail address removed by admin)
    Damian ( rudy102 )

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